LeanOperator Consulting

Lean Operations & Engineering, Creating Organic Lean Capability, Total Quality.

Real Cost Savings, Not Disappearing Ink.

What I Can Do For You:

Improve Organic Lean / Continuous Improvement Capability:

Lean activity does not always mean improved results. "Activity" and "Events" just generate pretty Powerpoint slides. Hence the line "Real Cost Savings, Not Disappearing  Ink". If Event-Counting has been a measurement of Process Improvement success, let me help you focus your program on the bottom line. Don't consume resources on Events when some good due-diligence practices and cross-functional teamwork can give you real results and build Organic problem solving infrastructure.
Management Consulting:

The key to World Class is when Functional Managers work as a team, with each one dedicated to Continuous Improvement within their function and across the site or organization. They must be united under a Leadership that understands that with Faster, Leaner Functional operations, Safety, Quality, Delivery and COGS will improve.

Lean and Six Sigma Tools help, but when it is assumed that only one, perhaps most visible, function needs it, tools are often miss-applied and Lean Transformations disappoint.

LeanOperator Consulting can help by advising Functional and General Managers on how to build and improve the Lean Manufacturing / Continuous Improvement mindset and skillset.

Leadership Coaching (Site, Multi-Site Level)

  • Strategic Alignment and Deployment of "Metrics that Matter".
  • Align Drop-Down Metrics to Functional Strategy in a Tiered fashion.
  • Coach for the "Continuous Improvement Mindset", even when things are busy.
  • How to turn non-stop exceptions into Standard Work.
Tactical Coaching (Manager Level)

  • Use Tactical Coaching methods to guide leaders and influencers through effective Cross Functional problem solving teams.
  • Implement new processes, with eyes on Standard Work.
  • Find the right levels of ownership, and teach those owners how to integrate and align Safety, Quality, Delivery and Cost improvements.
Problem Solving on Demand:

Have a specific issue that needs a set of fresh eyes? Want to see how your leadership team and key personnel interact when the status quo is challenged? Have a critical Quality issue? Pick a key pain point and let me guide your team.

Cost, Productivity and Quality Consulting
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